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About me

Thanks for visiting my site and making an interest in what I do. My name is Morten Korshavn. I’m currently the Head of Design at Cobiro in Copenhagen.

Prior to Cobiro, I spend 3 years working at Better Collective as Design Lead, leading a team of 7 designers around the world. Before that I worked at Unisport, one of the leading football ecommerce stores in the world, creating their new visual identity and building micro-sites with Nike, adidas, Puma and many other brands to increase brand awareness and conversion rate.

My focus and passion is to understand people using products and find the core values via qualitative research. I think it’s important to have solid communication in between teams at a company. I aim for a transparent workflow in the design teams I’m a part of to create a better understanding of what design is and what values our team brings to the product and the company.

I live in Copenhagen with my fiancée and I love to socialize and have a good time with family, friends and co-workers.