Design Lead - The worlds biggest site for betting tips

My time at Better Collective fased many exciting experiences. One of them was working with the biggest tipster community in the world, Bettingexpert. I was invovled early in the process on it’s rebranding and was building a design system from the ground up. The main focus was to understand the users of the community and facilitate their needs with a better user experience.

The work below represents a selection of the design system, leading af team of 2 designers on the project.

bettingexpert frontpage

A customizable design system

By reasearching and talking to our users we quickly found out that on the current site they didn’t feel unique enough. The tips was the same for everyone and the platform didn’t adapt to their favorite sports or who they followed.

We decided to make a fully customizable design system that would give us the possiblity to feature any given sport or match and give a better experience to the users based on what they preferred.

bettingexpert match cards
bettingexpert match cards

Explore and get more on page time

If you’re into Premier League football, most of the rounds games would be played within a weekend. With our advanced search options we increased the on page time for users and gave them more power to be inspired by other tips and sports.

bettingexpert jumbo menu and filtering