UI Designer - The community of an ecommerce platform

Unisport is one of the worlds leading retailers of football equipment with flagship stores in 8 different countries around Europe. At my time there I was given the task to redesign the entire platform with a fellow designer.

platform screenshot of unisport redesign

Engaging the audience

#Unisportlife - that’s the power of a great community. Football is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. It was important for us that customers was a part of the Unisport brand and felt they were updated on the newest gear and updates.

One of the cool features we introduced Back in 2015 was a tile system fully customizable to feature news, updates and products. The feature is still active today in their feed.

Unisport UI tile system

Increasing conversion rate via micro-site showcases

To increase activity, we teamed up with the content team to create a user community. This consisted of videos, articles and interviews from the football world.

We even created a series of micro-sites where users could learn anything about new football boots and see the boots in action. These sites gave a significant boost in the conversion rate of every pair of boots sold.

screenshot of Unisport micro-sites