Head of Design - Helping SMB’s with online presence

As a small business owner it can be really hard to succeed online. Cobiro makes it easy to do so, starting with a customized professional website all the way to online marketing.

As Head of Design I’ve been in charge of building a brand from the ground and make a better platform user experience. We’ve updated the marketing hub with an easy-to-use interface and introduced a new website builder.

platform screenshot of Cobiro redesign

A better website builder

There are many different website builders out there. But we realized that most users thought they were way to diffucult to understand and with to many options.

Why should users make decisions for text line height, fonts, colors and structure, when you can get a professional team to do it for you? That’s the idea of the Cobiro website builder.

Screenshot of Cobiro website builder

Themifying the system

To make a better experience for our users, we created a content block system, where it’s possible to drag and drop the components they like and then change the content. Fast and easy.

The builder is adjustable with customization. Pick between a variety of themes made by our design theme to suit a broad range of business categories.

screenshot of Unisport micro-sites