Design lead - An innovative way of placing bets

Betbehind was a very exciting and innovative product that I had the pleasure to create at my time in Better Collective. The product showed a new way of placing bets where users didn’t have to use gut feeling, but could place bets based on statistics of other peoples bets.

The UI and UX was focused on brining a quick and insightful platform that was easy to navigate and inspirering to use.

platform screenshot of Betbehind

Atomic design as a system

Betbehind was built on the pricinple, where the focus was on building components for our system and not specific pages. The components needed to be adaptable and fit most use cases.

The layout was a compact structure to give the feeling of a stock market and make the user have a good overview of exploring, active bets and their bettinge history.

betbehind atomic design components

Landing page

This was the design of the homepage developed at the time. The goal was to answer potential users questions about the product but also show them how innovative the product was in a world where most betting related products can be quite difficult to understand.

bettingexpert jumbo menu and filtering